Year around pest control

Many people falsely believe that pest control is not something that needs to worried about during the winter months. After all, the weather outside can be frightful with snow, sleet, freezing rain, and wind dominating the weather forecasts for the next few months. No one in their right mind would endure that kind of weather, and neither would insects! Surely, there are no bugs out playing dodge ball with the snowflakes or making snow angels in the back yard. True enough! But have you ever considered where they go when they sense old man winter is about to make his appearance. I mean, do they just vanish like Houdini? Perhaps they just burrow away somewhere waiting for spring or maybe they fly south with the birds. That must be it!

The truth is that insects and rodents are very resourceful creatures. These pests know when the weather is about to change and most species will scurry around looking for the tiniest of cracks or holes in foundations so they can spend the winter in your nice, cozy home or business. Creatures like wasps, stink bugs, box elder bugs, ladybird beetles, clover mites, squirrel, mice and rats, and many others will invade your home or business to use it as their winter resort. Never mind the fact that spending the winter with rodents and insects is a less than savory thought, but consider the fact that many of these pests can actually cause harmful diseases in people; and rodents, in particular, can cause fire by their incessant chewing habit. No matter how you look at it, overwintering pests are just not welcome!

Besides these overwintering pests, there is another kind of pest that can be a problem in your home or business too. Pests like termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more do not have a ‘season’, but eat and breed year-round. In fact, termites alone cause over $5 billion annually in damages in the U.S. alone; and cockroaches are responsible for many illnesses including Salmonella, and allergies or asthma attacks in children.

Whether you are trying to avoid overwintering pests or battling an infestation currently, the answer is the same – reliable year-round pest control services! When you choose one of our affordable preferred care plans you can rest assured that pests will not be a problem for you this winter. All it takes is one call and you will avoid sharing your home with unwanted pests this winter or anytime of the year!