General Pest Control

Affordable Indoor and Outdoor Pest Treatments
Interior treatments are detailed throughout all rooms and the garage. Our principal focus is on the safety of your family and your belongings. It is important to keep bugs from spreading. Most pests stick to the baseboards in the house. By treating these areas, we can help eliminate their presence in your home. Most pests will usually have their nests outside and come inside for food. By treating the baseboards, we will cut off the pests’ retreat, eliminating them from inside your house.

One of the most important parts about keeping pests out of your house is the exterior perimeter. We use our backpacks or power sprayers to make a liquid perimeter all the way around your house. By creating a barrier around your house, we can more effectively keep the bugs out. This service is critical to our pest prevention and the elimination of many common household insects. A courtesy spider web removal around windows and doors is included with all preventative service plans.

The initial price includes basic maintenance service. Any infestations can affect the initial price. The basic treatment price does not cover German roaches, bed bugs, termites, flies, carpenter ants, fire ants, fleas, ticks, poisonous spiders, mosquitoes or rodents. The base price includes treatment of one residential building. Additional square footage, yard treatments, and additional buildings are extra.

All pesticides used by a licensed pest control company are child-friendly and pet-friendly when dry.

Additional available services – call our office for pricing:
1) monthly interior and exterior fly treatments.
2) monthly exterior mosquito treatments with In2Care stations (video available).
3) yard treatments.