Our baiting program you own the stations without the threat of being locked in

Residential active bait service
Estimate depends on the residence’s linear footage.
Bait stations are placed in the ground 10-15 feet apart around the home and about 2-3 feet out from the foundation of the house. The termite bait stations contain a food source that eliminates subterranean termites. A scheduled inspection is performed for the first year and every year thereafter with a contract renewal. The customer will own the termite bait stations after the initial 12-month agreement. Therefore, bait stations are a recommended service for all residences.

Residential Liquid Treatment – We only use Termidor
Estimate depends on the residence’s linear footage and termite activity.

Residential Pre-Construction Wood Borate Treatment
Estimate depends on the residence’s square footage.
We recommend this to anyone who is having a home built. Borate-treated wood lasts 10-20 years longer than soil treatment, plus it prevents termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and decay fungi.
The cost for a 2500 sq. ft. home is under $600.00

Insects cannot process boron the same way as most animals. As a result, boron
accumulates in their systems and blocks their ability to convert food sugars
into energy, leading to starvation. This unique quality makes borates the perfect
solution for targeting termites.

Realtor Wood Destroying Insect reports (Texas WDI or NPMA 33) are not offered.

Linear footage is a measure of length